Brenda Hunting

Brenda Hunting

Based in Brisbane, Australia

Brenda Hunting is a sought after piano teacher and music educator, a past president of the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland and is in demand as a presenter and broadcaster of professional development workshops. As well as teaching from her private piano studio in Brisbane, Australia and via Skype, Brenda mentors young teachers who are preparing for studio teaching diplomas in Australia, passing on her 40 plus years of teaching experience, enhanced by her studies in the Taubman Approach. Brenda performs regularly as a soloist and as part of a piano duo.

Level of Certification: Instructor, October 2016
Taubman Teacher: John Bloomfield, Therese Milanovic
Mentor: John Bloomfield, Therese Milanovic
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Educational background: B.Mus (UniMelb), B.Mus.Ed (UniMelb), M.Ed (TLOTE) (UNE), LMusA, AMusA

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“The [Taubman] movements are designed to put you in the optimum position for every note, which means that once you get past the mechanics, you have more control over the sound of every note.”

TOM LAWTON, Senior Lecturer, University of the Arts