Kathleen Schneider

Kathleen Schneider

Based in Philadelphia, PA

Kathleen Schneider performs and accompanies regularly and maintains teaching studios in the Philadelphia area.

Level of Certification: Instructor, July 2006
Taubman Teacher: Robert Durso  
Mentor: Robert Durso  
Location: Norwood, PA
Educational Background: B.Mus. New School of Music, Master of Piano Pedagogy, Columbia University, NYC

Philadelphian Finds Lucrative Career in Teaching and Performing

When I was 8 years old my hand shot up in class when the question was asked: “Who wants to take piano lessons”?  I’ve had a never-fading love affair with music ever since. Years later I was injured by playing the piano and it seemed that I might never feel whole again.  The bad habits which were part of the way I learned to play caused severe tendonitis and its accompanying pain.

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