London Workshop

The Golandsky Institute presents a London Workshop featuring Edna Golandsky April 13-15, 2018 concentrating on short informative talks, problem solving and technique clinics, master classes, plus question and answer sessions.


Om Shrikam won 3rd place in Great Composers Competition

Om Shrikam, age 11, won 3rd place in the Great Composers Competition: Sibelius. He was the youngest performer to win, and the only pianist. He played The Spruce, Opus 75, #5. Other winners came from Poland and Spain. Om is a student of Shari Weisz, certified teacher by the Golandsky Institute.


Teaching Rotation with Robert Durso

Senior director and co-founder Robert Durso discusses the core concept of rotation in this video and addresses the misconceptions surrounding it. Rotation is one of the pillars of the Taubman Approach. Without it, the work is not complete. If you are looking to teach rotation or learn it yourself, watch this video! It covers the following: Basic Alignment, Single Rotation, Double Rotation.