Therese Milanovic achieves Master Level Certification

Congratulations to Dr. Therese Milanovic, who has just completed certification at the Master Teacher level!

Based in Brisbane, Therese Milanovic became the first Australian certified teacher of the Taubman Approach.  She has organized workshops and private lessons in Australia with both John Bloomfield and Sophie Till, regularly gives presentations on the Taubman Approach, and performs frequently both in Australia and abroad.  Her studio includes many interstate students, as well as both regional and international students via Skype.  Therese continues her own lessons, also through Skype, with Edna Golandsky and John Bloomfield.

Congratulations, Therese, on becoming a Master Teacher of the Taubman Approach!


Dr. Therese Milanovic is an associate faculty member of the Golandsky Institute. She lives in Brisbane, Australia where she teaches piano and regularly performs. Learn more at