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Edna Golandsky is a consummate expert of piano technique and musical artistry. The depth of her analytical ability surpasses anything I have encountered. Her work frees performers, enabling them to realize their full potential.
-Ilya Itin

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View 90+ instructional videos that teach the Taubman Approach - lectures, presentations, pedagogy clinics.

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Listen to master classes conducted by our expert faculty members, including Edna Golandsky, John Bloomfield, Robert Durso, and Mary Moran.

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Haydn - Variations in F Minor, Hob.XVII:6

Edna Golandsky
Edna Golandsky works with Jin Jeon on Haydn's F Minor Variations.

Schubert - Impromptu in Gb Major, Op. 90 No. 3

Robert Durso
Robert Durso presents a lecture on the much beloved Schubert Impromptu in Gb Major, discussing the piece, its subtle intricacies, and showing simple solutions to problematic passages using the Taubman Approach. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AND STREAMING...

Pedagogy Clinic: The First Lesson

Mary Moran
Mary Moran gives a young student his first piano lesson.