Kathleen Schneider

Kathleen Schneider

Based in Philadelphia, PA

Kathleen Schneider performs and accompanies regularly and maintains teaching studios in the Philadelphia area.

Level of Certification: Instructor, July 2006
Taubman Teacher: Robert Durso  
Mentor: Robert Durso  
Location: Norwood, PA
Educational Background: B.Mus. New School of Music, Master of Piano Pedagogy, Columbia University, NYC

Philadelphian Finds Lucrative Career in Teaching and Performing

When I was 8 years old my hand shot up in class when the question was asked: “Who wants to take piano lessons”?  I’ve had a never-fading love affair with music ever since. Years later I was injured by playing the piano and it seemed that I might never feel whole again.  The bad habits which were part of the way I learned to play caused severe tendonitis and its accompanying pain.

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“The [Taubman] movements are designed to put you in the optimum position for every note, which means that once you get past the mechanics, you have more control over the sound of every note.”

TOM LAWTON, Senior Lecturer, University of the Arts